Water Pity

December 9, 2011

He and She were working at the lab …

She: “Here, take this pot and fill it with water for me, would you please?”

He: “Will do … Hey!!

She: “What? Something’s wrong?”

He:I’ll say something’s wrong!”

She: “Too late. I already did that.”

He: “Fun-neee. Not. I’d say you were all wet, if I weren’t already soaked myself.”

She: “No, dear. The water goes in the pot.”

He: “Right. You tell the water that. It won’t listen to me!

She: “What’s so hard about putting water in a pot? You’re at a sink, right? You’re not trying to wring water out of a cloud or something?”

He: “No, I’m at a sink, it’s got a faucet, water comes out of the faucet. But it won’t stay in the pot!

She: “It .. won’t .. stay …”

He: “Dangdest thing. I turn on the tap, and … I’ve never seen water fall up before! I tried clamping the lid down on the pot to keep that water in there, thought I had it for a moment, then blooey. Water all over everyplace. Including all over me. Everyplace except in the pot. Which is bone dry. What the …”

She: “Love, is there a sign over that sink?”

He: “I don’t … oh, yeah. There is.”

She: “Read it?”

He: “‘K … ‘Non-potable water.'”

She: “Thought so. Go find a sink that has potable water. You won’t have any trouble.”

He: “Right. I’m off.”

She:I’ll say. Scrub that pot first!

He: “Yes, dear.”

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives in the Pacific Northwest. When she is not doing book reviews or creating curriculum literature units, she is working on writing the next great American novel. You may visit her writing blog at http://charlene-amsden.com. To change this standard text, you have to enter some information about your self in the Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile box.


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