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Allergy Season

June 5, 2006

Allergy Season 1998: Kleenex brand tissue was my friend. I blew my nose a lot. One day after I blew …Read the Rest

Starbucks Coffee

June 3, 2006

I order. “Mocha Frappacino, venti, please. Yes, put all the unhealthy stuff on it. Oh, and I’d like a banana …Read the Rest

children’s games

June 2, 2006

5th grade bar-b-que 142 eleven year-olds pandemonium I am looking for one child. His name is Marco. I yell loudly, …Read the Rest

hollow praise

June 2, 2006

Der Ms. You are the gradest techr on the hol worl. I will rember you alwas. You teched me verey …Read the Rest

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