book review

And the Winner is ….

March 4, 2011
book review

… being announced 3 days late.   I am sorry but I have 101 reasons (all of them in Fahrenheit) for …Read the Rest

In the Shadow of Evil

March 2, 2011
book review

If the name Robin Caroll is on the front cover of the book, you know you’re in far a gripping …Read the Rest

Studying Nehemiah

March 2, 2011
Bible Study

If you’ve not already figured it out, I am a fan of  Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s work.  His Bible Studies …Read the Rest

Always True

February 28, 2011
book review

Book Giveaway! Leave a comment on this post to be entered in the drawing. MacDonald is an engaging writer.  He …Read the Rest

A Billion Reasons Why

February 25, 2011
book review

One of the drawbacks of living on our small island is that whenever we want to go to town, we …Read the Rest

A Master at Her Craft

February 21, 2011
book review

Susan Meissner is an exceptional writer. In Lady in Waiting she has crafted a spell-binding story about two women named …Read the Rest

A Promise of Forever Love

February 21, 2011

My big toe was wrapped in gauze and I was kicked back on the couch watching it throb like an …Read the Rest


February 2, 2011
book review

I am a writer.  I love words.  Words are my friend. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word …Read the Rest

A Slice of Life

February 1, 2011
book review

Has God ever called you to do something – and you’ve been certain that you were indeed called – but …Read the Rest

God Centered Fiction Book Club

January 29, 2011

I have joined an online Christian Fiction Book Club and I know a few of you might be interested in …Read the Rest

Angel Harp

January 26, 2011
book review

I’ve read a lot of good reviews on this book, but mine isn’t going to be one. I didn’t hate …Read the Rest

Beating Cancer

January 25, 2011
book review

20 Natural, Spiritual & Medical Remedies One of my best-friends is a licensed medical doctor who prefers altering lifestyles and …Read the Rest

Sins & Secrets

January 24, 2011
book review

We all have secrets.  For most of us they are little things; perhaps shameful and potentially embarrassing, but little.  Some …Read the Rest

Jesus in the Present Tense, by Warren Wiersbe

January 23, 2011
book review

I just received this book Saturday afternoon, so I have not gotten much past the first chapter myself, but it …Read the Rest

Filling the “Empty”

January 21, 2011
book review

Have you ever eaten until you were full — way too full — and still felt like your stomach was …Read the Rest

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