No News

August 31, 2009
current events

No news on the job front.  A friend at church told me it took this particular school 6 weeks to …Read the Rest

Odds-n-Loose Ends

August 29, 2009
current events

I feel good about the job interview.  One of the three panel members that interviewed me liked me very much.  …Read the Rest

Unemployment Blues

August 28, 2009
current events

Okay, if you follow Amoeba’s blog you already know, but here’s the latest from my personal Department of Wealth and …Read the Rest

This, That & The Other Thing

August 25, 2009
current events

Just some random stuff: I have a job interview in the morning at a local private school. They are seeking …Read the Rest

Super Salesmanship

August 19, 2009
creative writing

A Fictional Story When Jethro Robert first saw the “Sponsored Tweets is Live” announcement, he turned off his ROKU Digital …Read the Rest

Big Day Today!

August 18, 2009

My camera and I are going for an outing.  The car is going in for a lube and oil and …Read the Rest


August 17, 2009
current events

I’ve been published on Associated Content! It’s a snack recipe.  Super yummy, plus quick and easy.  You’ll love it!

Update & Announcement

August 15, 2009

On the job front, all of the teaching resumes I sent out are coming back with, “thanks, but no thanks,” …Read the Rest

Blogging for Dollar$ — Part Three

August 11, 2009

$parking For Dollar$ Social Spark, like PayPerPost is part of Izea, a social marketing company making it’s presence felt all …Read the Rest

Blogging For Dollar$ — Part One

August 8, 2009

So, it’s been two weeks (13 days) since I signed on to paid blogging.  Am I rich yet? No.  However …Read the Rest

They Flunked the Interview

August 5, 2009
current events

I sent my resume in response to an ad for Technology teachers.  I received a phone call the very next …Read the Rest


August 4, 2009

He pulled his chair up to the table and began to serve the food. “Hmmm,” he said, ladling chili over …Read the Rest

Tired, Stressed, Disillusioned

July 22, 2009

I can’t.  It is just too much work.  I used to love reading your blog posts — and I know …Read the Rest

The Best Laid Plans …

July 21, 2009

The Word Count is still 1001. I had it all worked out.  I sliced up my time and fit it …Read the Rest

The X-Files: Office Version 1.1

February 24, 2009

At work I am clearing out the 2008 files and getting them put away in some semblance of order, and …Read the Rest

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