Friday Harbor

Two Room Flat, by Jill Urbach

Two Room Flat, by Jill Urbach
December 7, 2013

Two-Room Flat is totally romantic, a little bit spicy, a little bit risque, yet a sweet, smut-free read. I thoroughly enjoyed …Read the Rest

What’s New With Amoeba & Quilly?

What’s New With Amoeba & Quilly?
July 11, 2011

Well, Amoeba spent a week in Louisiana, came home for a few days and then flew off to Hawaii. He …Read the Rest

A Picturesque Camping Trip

June 7, 2011
bird watching

Once again we tripped off to Vancouver, B.C. with a group of students from UW’s Friday Harbor Labs.  This time …Read the Rest

Friday Harbor Labs, UW

May 28, 2011

Come see where Amoeba works.  Dave Hays, a UW film making class student, interviewed Hillary, one of the TAs who …Read the Rest

Innovative Designs

April 28, 2011

There is a building downtown that has known several incarnations in just the short time I have been visiting and …Read the Rest

Whale of a Good Time

Whale of a Good Time
April 24, 2011

Because Sunday was Easter, they celebrated her birthday Saturday afternoon.  He took She out for a drive.  They visited several …Read the Rest

We Live in Beauty

April 24, 2011

The video below was made for our local community theater. It will give you a great over-view of the San …Read the Rest

Amoeba’s Day

April 10, 2011
current events

As you know, yesterday was Amoeba’s birthday.  As was his wish, we spent the morning in his lab cleaning and …Read the Rest

Don’t Call Search & Rescue

March 14, 2011

Yes, I know we went missing.  Our bad.  The problem started when my blog host went offline.  While it was …Read the Rest

Almost a Video

March 13, 2011

I am unhappy.  I have spent all day trying to upload a video.  Our “high speed” internet is high all …Read the Rest

Red Shafted Flickers

March 9, 2011
bird watching

Behold the Red-shafted Flicker Colaptes auratus cafer. These medium sized woodpeckers have red feathers under their tails & wings, red …Read the Rest

Double Vision Vision Check

February 27, 2011
Friday Harbor

Before I continue my saga of my trip to Burlington and the optometrist, I would like to remind you of …Read the Rest


February 24, 2011
Friday Harbor

Safe and sound and none the worse for wear. The weather forecasters were wrong. We only got about 3 inches …Read the Rest

Mr. & Mrs. Hooded Merganser

February 20, 2011
bird watching

For those of you who thought I must have gotten my genders confused on my post about the female Hooded …Read the Rest

Quick! Duck!

February 19, 2011
bird watching

Running into his workroom at the lab, she said, “Honey, quick, where’s my camera? There’s a duck out here I’ve …Read the Rest

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