April 12th — A Poem A Day

April 12, 2009
creative writing

This post is dedicated to Amoeba O’Ceallaigh, my love. So We Decided So we decided to start blogging, Each of …Read the Rest

Mulling It Over

April 10, 2009

Following a convoluted conversation about a potential idea for Punny Monday, she said, “Aren’t you glad you have me?” He …Read the Rest

Happy Birthday, My Love!

April 9, 2009
current events

Happy Birthday, OC! I love you! (to send your greetings to OC, click here.)

April 5th — A Poem A Day

April 5, 2009
creative writing

The Autograph Tree We carved our names upon this tree The day that we were wed. The tree still lives …Read the Rest

Killing Rubber Trees

March 30, 2009

Ten-thirty P.M. She says: “It’s almost bed time.” He says:  “You go ahead.  I’ll be right there.” She walks to …Read the Rest

Ice Creamed

March 26, 2009

She said, “I suppose you’d like a spoon with your ice cream?” He said, “One would be preferable, yes.” She …Read the Rest

Over The Top? And Other Housekeeping

March 12, 2009

Hold on to your hat’s peeps, you aren’t going to believe this.  Today, this very day, Amoeba O’Ceallaigh, my dearest …Read the Rest

Three Word Thursday #5

March 12, 2009
creative writing

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #5. This week, joining the quondam word-list, we have hitonious; teterrimous & mellifluous. We also …Read the Rest

Technical Difficulties

March 10, 2009

He, sat at the table mumbling to himself about internet security protocols, non-conforming websites, deadlines, and the prices one pays …Read the Rest

Out Like a Light

March 6, 2009

He went to bed. She went into the bathroom to brush her teeth; then she checked her email one last …Read the Rest

An Introduction

February 10, 2009

If you’d like to meet OC, (also known as Amoeba & O’Ceallaigh) wander over to my photoblog, Quilly Unshuttered, and …Read the Rest

Night Errant

February 8, 2009

She said, “For my photography class homework this week, I have to take night shots.” He said, “Too bad you’re …Read the Rest

Don’t Ask For Help. You Might Get It.

January 24, 2009

She wailed dramatically, “I need a post!” He walked out of the spare bedroom carrying the leg of a disassembled …Read the Rest

Start As You Plan to Continue

January 1, 2009

They say one should start the way one plans to continue.  If that is true, you all might want to …Read the Rest

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