Tomatoes Souped

July 7, 2006

Christmas, the (now orange stained) Queen of Cute, fetched several slightly squishy cherry tomatos from the garbage can and enjoyed …Read the Rest


July 6, 2006

Today I went to the Family Christian Bookstore. Turns out they’re having a sale — plus I have a 25% …Read the Rest


July 5, 2006

Yesterday was a day for drinks, burgers and links at poolside. I imagine I am not the only one who …Read the Rest

How I’m Feeling Right Now

July 2, 2006

The main water pipe to my house broke. Emergency weekend maintenance cobbled it together so I have house water — …Read the Rest

Huffy Fluffy Fluffed

July 1, 2006

The new phone books just arrived. I found them bundled in a bag at the end of the driveway and …Read the Rest

This Day

June 30, 2006

A lovely eBay seller sold me a defective camera and is now suggesting I should send it in to the …Read the Rest


June 29, 2006

A few minutes ago I realized that the King of the Coffee Table was in his customary sprawl on said …Read the Rest

Reader Response Required

June 28, 2006

As you know, I’ve posted a couple of comments on needing an intervention for my internet addiction (Blog Addict and …Read the Rest


June 27, 2006

There I was in the dairy section chatting away and letting my fingers shop with little intervention from my brain. …Read the Rest

A Walk on the Cyberside

June 25, 2006

Everyday I take a cyber walk. There are certain places I skip right by — and there are other places …Read the Rest

After A While

June 24, 2006

by Veronica A. Shoffstall After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul …Read the Rest

3.5 Seconds

June 23, 2006

I am now greatful that some 30 plus years ago my step-mother insisted that I learn how to sit on …Read the Rest

A Touching Gift

June 22, 2006

I found this post as I was out for my morning cyberwalk. I popped into one of my favorite places …Read the Rest

Tuna Fish Tales

June 21, 2006

My cats love me. Of course I am in the processes of eating a toasted tuna sandwich, so their devotion …Read the Rest

Writing Class

June 19, 2006

I took a class today titled, “How to Teach Writing.” For those of you who want to ask, “Why do …Read the Rest

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